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Jonathan M. Kaplan, Ph.D., J.D. is the Principal at Kaplan IP Law, P.C. He is a Patent Attorney and Intellectual Property Counsel for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, green technology, and microbiological clients. He has a particular passion for working with emerging companies and helping them achieve their long-term goals. He provides holistic patent strategies that include procurement, portfolio management, opinions, due diligence, third party relationship management, litigation and other services for large, small, and academic clients.

Jonathan has serviced many clients patent needs at Fish & Neave and Morrison & Foerster. He was a patent litigator, prosecutor, and strategist for companies large and small. He also served as in-house IP counsel for Medarex, Inc. and Genencor, Inc. Jonathan knows that the IP needs of his clients are more than just legal matters. They face risks and make important business decisions every day. IP plays a critical role in business models, business valuations, decision-making, and risk management. IP can define what products are brought to market, drive licensing opportunities, generate revenue streams, and provide leverage over competitors. Thus, the professionals at Kaplan IP Law provide high-quality legal services with fair pricing.

Kaplan IP Law strives to be viewed as more than just a law firm, but rather, as a business partner. Jonathan learns his clients' technologies and business goals. Jonathan provides both “big-picture” counseling and detailed patent analyses that helps decision-makers meet those goals. As a small firm, Kaplan IP Law provides efficient and cost-effective services.