Litigation is complex. It is a significant distraction. Jonathan’s life science expertise and patent litigation experience can help. 

For litigants: Jonathan works with your outside counsel to protect your interests. He learns your business and scientific strategies. He identifies the value in litigating…or not litigating. He helps formulate strategies that align outside counsel with your business goals. He liaises between your employees and litigation counsel. He helps with internal investigations, document retention strategies, document collection, discovery, and settlement negotiations. As a small practice, Kaplan IP Law, P.C. will serve you with efficiencies that are difficult to attain from larger firms.

For litigation counsel: Jonathan’s technical acumen and litigation experience can help you win. He has helped obtain favorable results in patent and trade secret litigations. During discovery, he takes and defends depositions. He drafts discovery requests, responses, declarations, affidavits, and pleadings. He investigates complex issues and provides cogent analyses. He helps with claim construction. During expert discovery, he educates experts and drafts opinions. During trial prep, he helps digest the record. He helps develop graphical and animated demonstratives that educate lay judges and juries.